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  • 1 x StickMover
  • Coupon for 10 AVIskills
  • Link to download the AVIsoft
  • USB-cable
  • Power plug

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Feel the flight!
Learn to master acrobatic and 3D flying by watching and feeling artistic manoeuvers. See the moves on the screen and feel how the control sticks are moving simultaneously. StickMover guides you in learning the right moves intuitively.

Who is the StickMover suitable for?

Have you ever watched masters in 3D flying perform their spectacular manoeuvers like the death spiral, thinking: I’ll never make it? Or are you practicing a new figure and you don´t get the trick, how to do it?  StickMover is the way to change that. It’s a powerful tool for everyone with basic skills to intuitively learn figures starting from a simple looping even to complex 3D-moves just by means of feeling and experiencing it.

What does the trick?

StickMover looks just like a regular remote control. Instead of controlling a model aircraft, it leads you through any given manoeuver step by step. As you watch the flight on your screen, the StickMover goes through all the motions, letting your fingers feel exactly what to do in any given moment. By watching, feeling and repeating you learn the right moves intuitively.

If you like to see results soon, make progress with your flying skills and master even complicated 3D manoeuvers– give it a try with the StickMover.

Are you ready for take-off with us? We definitely are!

Supported OS-System
Apple Mac OSX (Intel, 10.10 or higher), Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Supported languages
German, Englisch, Italien, Chinese

Minimum system requirement
CPU: 1.83GHz
2 GB Disk space

Recommended  system 
CPU: 2.3GHz
2 GB Disk space

1 x StickMover
1 x USB cable
1 x 5V power plug
10 x AVISkills*

* AVISkills are the training lessons for a StickMover. You will receive an coupon to choose the skills you like to learn.

Keep in mind:
The software and the AVIskills needs to be loaded via the interner, so you computer needs an access to the internet.

Additional information

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